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Thanks to Nikki Brown from the Ruby Team for sharing a story about the infamous Jack Ruby and how he became a Ruby,  a path that many other immigrants followed in attempts to "fit in".  As Nikki mentions, from the beginning of this project, the many Ruby origins were part of the fascination. 
When is a Ruby not a Ruby but still a Ruby? So far in our research we have found several different origins of the RUBY name. We have two large Swiss families (whose name originated in RUBIE and apparently before that with Rubin). We have a large family coming from Devon whose origins we are yet to trace. There is one group of Rubys in Wiltshire who seem to have originated from a long line of ROBYs. We have a researcher working some Danish Ruby families and are aware of a large population in France. It's already clear to us that the name has multiple origins in multiple countries. Interestingly, the most famous Ruby of all, was not a Ruby at birth but shortened his name to become one. T…