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Do not believe everything you see in census records!

In this post, Nikki Brown demonstrates the flaws that may exist in census records by going on a search for Priscilla Agnes Ruby.  From transcription errors to issues of class , the post suggests the many reasons for inaccuracies, or simply people who cannot be found in any other source.  Perhaps you can find her!  Looking through the England & Wales 1881 Census database for those born or living in London that had not yet been researched, I realised that most of those remaining were servants and so would be harder to place with their families. However, I found a young woman, who because of a more unusual name, I thought would be less of a challenge. Her name was Priscilla Agnes Ruby and in 1881 was 20 years old and a servant in Lambeth. The original was legible and confirmed her name, age and occupation, although her birthplace was a little vague and stated only “London”.
I ran into difficulty from the start. I was unable to find her birth. The only Priscilla Ruby that I found was the…